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Cultural Tours

Eclipse Safaris offer travelers an opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of the country, interact with local communities, and learn about traditional ways of life. You will understand Diversity of Cultures, Diversity of Cultures, Local Festivals and Celebrations, Community-based Tourism, Wildlife and Cultural Experiences and Cultural Heritage Sites.

Community Work

Early child pregnancy is a global issue that affects millions of girls around the world, particularly in developing countries.This challenge has left many young girls drop out of school due to pregnancy hence many of them face challenges in continuing with their education after giving birth.

Sustainability and Responsibility

We support local communities, and promote cultural preservation.

Expertise and Experience:

We have knowledgeable and experienced guides with deeper understanding of Murchison falls.

Access to Unique Experiences

We offer private tours, special events, and behind-the-scenes access to attractions and cultural sites.

Social Connection

Traveling with a tour group can provide an opportunity for social connection and camaraderie with other travelers.

Personalized Service.

We offer personalized service and customized itineraries that cater for unique needs and interests of our clients.